They say that he who hesitates is lost, and only fools rush in… So how do you decipher which to do when purchasing property?

Action is Eloquence…

Purchasing property is a decision that requires forethought and considered action, but what do you do when given an opportunity to purchase real estate that has potential?

Take ACTION,  the first action is check the finance as without this then there is no use in putting a contract on a property that isn’t within your price point.

If the property matches the budget the next step is to secure the property. In this business I see people miss out on deals that would have significantly changed there fortunes due to hesitation. They get lost in the details of “what if’s” and by the time they come to the conclusion that the property will work for them, it’s been acquired by someone else.

This is not to suggest you don’t do thorough checks when purchasing property, but to carry them out after a secure contract is in place (or at the very least while in negotiations).

Clear potential in a property means an open road to prospects, this requires thinking on your feet and the focus needs to be the acquisition, plus the strategy to back yourself in the process of the purchase.  Just like on an open motorway you have your exit and off ramps so too do these exist in the land of contracts and property.

There are also a few roundabouts but the important thing is the destination.

A fool is considered someone who acts imprudently, without care and while there are times in our lives we have all acted without consideration, buying property requires consideration. Especially if you love to sleep at night!

The best trick is to stop, take a breath and care about what you are about to do.  This is when you consider what the property can do, what the bank will do, what the building and pest inspector will say, what the market is doing etc.

Fear can rise and cause hesitation due to what something will cost, while rushing in can cause regret over the absence of consideration.  The key is to care enough to take the actions that lead you to the property that gives you growth.

This week has been about assisting clients act and be rewarded, and stop and consider.

Our focus at WiseUnlimited is securing, negotiating and taking action for our clients that lead to eloquence.

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