A potential purchaser recently asked where does a buyer normally go?

The answer is usually a Real Estate Agent or a Real Estate search engine such as realstate.com or domain.com etc

When the buyer chooses the Real Estate Agent they are more likely to be shown the currently listings of the agent or the agencies own listings. Its not personal, most agents are busy managing and servicing their own listings. Conjunctions for most real-estate agents are messy and not typically sought. There are exceptions, if the market is slow an agent are more likely to go the extra mile for a buyer or if the agent themselves is genuinely committed to both buyer and seller they will actively source what the buyer requires.

A buyer using a search engine such as realestate.com or domain.com are only going to see the picture and copy presented and does not always accurately present the true failings or potential of a property.

Why are buyers advocates becoming more popular?

A buyer who enlists the services of a buyers advocate will have a far-reaching cross section of access to a vast number of properties with a refined knowledge of what the buyer is seeking. The buyer’s advocate is educated on the property and area you are buying, providing opportunities find is wanted and hone in on the specific requirements on the property that is being sourced. Due to buyer advocate neutrality, they are also able to often acquire properties that may not be on the market or currently listed. They like to position a buyer in the front line of viewing and purchase, creating space and time for the buyer to make a smooth, informed decision about the investing in the property. A savvy buyers advocate is also likely to be honest and straightforward with a buyers purchasing potential and lead them toward properties that match with the financial capabilities to invest.

For example:

A Trade Provider such as Plumber may be looking to branch out into the property market. A buyer’s advocate would be looking for affordable pockets in major town centres and city fringes. A solid property with future development potential, one that would rent easily while the giving the purchaser time and investment while working on their plans for the property.

A Superannuation/Mums & Dads purchaser sourcing stability in their investment choices would seek a buyers advocate savvy with blue chip solid suburban properties and up and coming metro hotspots. The advocate would be looking for a property with medium to low density development options and/or properties with scope for great aspect, affordable luxury and close to popular amenities.

The developer with no time but a healthy bank balance would be utilising a buyers advocate to cut through red tape, a property usually on not open to the market or hot of the press. They would be looking for a property that would match risk sensibly with reward. A property that could offer multiple opportunities such as mixing residential with commercial or lifestyle developments on big and small scales close to shopping centres, parks and coffee.

A great buyers advocate is a skilled negotiator with great contacts in key areas that will be involved in the purchase of your property. The role a Buyers Advocate has in a property purchase can be invaluable.