The weekly grocery shop is rarely an exciting event in my life, it’s more fun if it’s shared usually either with my partner or children. On this occasion I was accompanied by my son, who proceeded to make the shop a little more adventurous by finding the button next to the eggs that makes the sound of what I can only assume was a chook laying an egg. He convinced me of the health benefits of 2min noodles and loved the self-serve nut section. It wasn’t until aisle 8 or 9 that I got my kicks from grocery shopping from North Point Toowoomba. When I spotted the new Home Beautiful (one of my go to guides for inspiration on properties I am either renovating or developing), I thought wahoo some couch time with a cuppa coming up. Then out of the corner of my eye I spotted this baby

The latest "Your Investment Property" Australia's leading property investment magazine
The latest “Your Investment Property” Australia’s leading property investment magazine

I was eager to see if Toowoomba was mentioned and there in the Forecast 2015-Queensland is North Toowoomba !!! When I looked at properties this morning online, you can invest in properties in North Toowoomba from $220,000 upwards. This is exciting for a first time, or conservative real estate purchaser. These properties are more likely to yield positively in the rental sector.
The fact that there are still properties out there that are affordable to the investor and also to the tenant is encouraging. So the shopping expedition ended happily (after we figured out that self service wasn’t the fastest option) and I walked away with the two Magazines that honour the buyers agent and love of interior design with me.