Ready to update in a  Jiffy. Serves more than 8 people.


  • White Sheen or Matt Finish
  • Subway Tile or Easy to replace tile Splashback
  • Handles that can easily be removed
  • Flexible bench top
  • Great Lighting


  1. Choose a white laminex or two pack finish that is white, or has slight undertones of grey.
  2. Tiles are a great base for your kitchen. They allow you to experiment with colour and texture without costing you an arm and a leg.
  3. Handles can change the personality of your kitchen. Use different materials like Metal, Timber, Leather or a different colour finishes like Gold, Bronze, & Matt Black.
  4. Upgrading your bench top can help you fall in love with your kitchen all over again not to mention increase the equitable value of your home.
  5. To pendant light or not pendant light that is the question? By having a white kitchen it doesn’t matter because a white kitchen will provide the perfect backdrop to any light fitting.


If you want to keep your home a little trendy and flexible use kitchen homewares that reflect what’s in vogue. A simple tea towel can be like a piece of art in your kitchen and give a point of interest and a new dimension. White works!