The tasks involved in being a property consultant and coordinator are many and varied. Last week I felt like the pony express delivering documents in Toowoomba from a solicitor to a surveyor and then back again, for Brisbane clients. The pony express was employed because it often avoids delays saving valuable time (which always includes money) on investment properties by getting the documents where they need to go in the shortest possible time.

Off I go, documents in hand......
Off I go, documents in hand……

By acting as the pony express I also know who has the documents, can confer the time the recipient will need the documents and they know I’m waiting for the collection. I’ll also get updated on what happens next. This helps keep a finger on the pulse of the development and also gives up-to date progress for my property clients on their investment.

The other tasks I’ve found myself involved in, is assisting clients in property maintenance. This is often forgotten about in the property purchase and development as most clients are remote or not living on the premises. The thought process of a client is usually on budget, what’s happening when, and how much income are we going to make from our real estate development.

Mowing the green acres of a property development
Mowing the green acres of a property development
To be of service to the budget of clients I sometimes find myself behind the lawn mower. I reason that this serves two purposes, I get a work out, while working out how the project is progressing and it is an added security measure to boot. The neighbouring properties are usually happy with you as well.
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