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Buyer’s Advocate

Kathy Wise is a licensed Buyers Advocate, Real Estate Agent & REBBA member qualified to purchase property on your behalf. Read more about why you need a Buyer’s Advocate here.

Kathy’s portfolio of clients include international, interstate & those already living in Sunny Queensland.  Kathy appreciates what it takes to buy a home, caring to make it effortless to get what you want from the market so you can enjoy the experience of purchasing real estate that you love.

Property Advocacy

Provides some expert eyes and advice before you buy, lease or invest.

Kathy offers a property consultancy service that provides an independent review on the property you are looking to purchase, invest in or rent so you can make an informed decision before signing on the dotted line.

Particularly useful for people relocating from overseas, interstate or those looking to save time and money.

A selling agents work for the vendor, engaging this service is invaluable as Kathy works for you and only you in finding or assessing that perfect property.

For Buyers

Kathy will take a fresh experienced view and report on the property you are looking to purchase.

The information provided will assist you in making a well informed decision on whether the property you are buying is going to work with your reasons, wants and needs for purchasing.

For Tenants

Finding the right property to lease or rent from afar or when you’re time poor can be a daunting task.

Kathy will ensure that you lease a property that suits your brief in location, floor plan, and works with considered prerequisites you’re requiring for yourself, children or pets.

For Investors

Making a well informed decision when purchasing an investment is paramount to healthy capital growth (even if that investment is also holidaying one).

Kathy will review the property, provide advise and a report so that you have confidence in your purchase.

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