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Buyer’s Advocate

Kathy Wise is a licensed Buyers Advocate and Real Estate Agent with the necessary qualifications to source and purchase a property on your behalf. Read more about why you need a Buyer’s Advocate here.

Property Concepts

Property is all about tuning into what the market is looking for and what you as the client are seeking for a project to give to you.

A property could be purchased to serve as a nest egg, wealth creator, commercial or industrial objective etc.

Wise Unlimited projects are focused on working within the gap by approaching any project with considered design, sale potential, equity creation, style and actual use in mind.

Property Coordination

Involves finding the perfect investment property to match your affordability range and location of interest.

A concept, timeline with detailed plan for the project is set and the team is selected.

Kathy Wise coordinates the bringing of the project together; ensuring each left and right hand contributing to the project is working together. The common goal of any investment in property is that it continues to excel.

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