One of the charming Mr Darcys we uncovered in Toowoomba.
One of the charming “Mr Darcys” we uncovered in Toowoomba.

Proud. Strong. Dignified. Noble. And a little misunderstood.

They’re the characteristics I think perfectly sum up the charming (and infamously detached) Mr Darcy from Jane Austen’s classic novel Pride and Prejudice.

Here was a man with a perfect nature, but we just didn’t know it at first glance.

And, for all his honourable traits, it still took Mr D’s true love Elizabeth quite a while to uncover the inner substance of her man.

First, she needed to see past his rough exterior, then put aside her initial apprehensions of how gruffly he presented and focus instead on his redeeming features……….the very qualities that eventually stole her heart.

This philosophy rings true in the real estate game as well.

Mistakenly, some buyers will only accept a property if it’s “love at first sight” and everything is perfect right from the start. All the planets must align, otherwise it’s no deal.

The location needs to be ideal; with schools, shopping, medical facilities, transport and sporting amenities at their doorstep, the property’s yard needs to be massive and its lawn and landscaping must be immaculate. The paintwork, inside and out, needs to be flawless; bathrooms and kitchens need to be ultra-modern – sporting all the latest gadgets and appliances. An ensuite off the master bedroom is mandatory………and the list goes on.

As we know, life (and love) doesn’t work that way – “perfect” is for fairy tales.

But, all those hidden virtues that Elizabeth found in Mr Darcy are the very same qualities I look for when sourcing a property for my clients.

I can see past the superficial imperfections and flaws and quickly recognise the good that sits behind the façade.

Millions of Jane Austen fans are so glad Elizabeth was able to do the same.


“You must know….Surely
You must know it was all for you”
                                       Mr Darcy

All too often, buyers can mistakenly look past the “Mr Darcys” of the real estate world because they seem like too much work (and subsequently cheat themselves out of a very profitable opportunity).

No property is perfect; each has a multitude of challenges but often these are the properties that can transform into great returns for an investor.

Jane Austen's classic novel introduced us to the delightful Mr Darcy.
Jane Austen’s classic novel introduced us to the delightful Mr Darcy.

The character in a “Mr Darcy” home is always there – so, you need to look at ways that you can enhance and reveal the true potential……and using sound investments strategies with your renovation process.

It’s a major part of my role as a buyer’s agent and one that gives me so much satisfaction.

Over the years, I’ve been able to identify a good number of diamonds in the rough and this experience has allowed me to look beyond what initially greets me from the street, so that I’m not just seeing “what is” but, more importantly, “what will be”.

And there is no greater joy than bringing a client along on that journey and sharing the transformation of a tired, neglected residence into a cherished family home or high-yield investment property.

Our region is blessed to have a wealth of “Mr Darcys” hidden throughout its beautiful, tree-lined streets, both in Toowoomba and the many surrounding townships.

The alluring jewel of East Toowoomba will always be in demand with some magnificent older houses on offer, but there are many more gems scattered throughout our suburbs…….often at very attractive prices.

I take great pride in finding the right property to suit the right owner. It’s my job and I love it.

I’m always pursuing the next “Mr Darcy”. He’s definitely out there – you just have to know where to look and what to look for.