The best to invest

January 13, 2015Project Management

The weekly grocery shop is rarely an exciting event in my life, it’s more fun if it’s shared usually either with my partner or children. On this occasion I was accompanied by my son, who proceeded to make the shop a little more adventurous by finding the button next to the eggs that makes the … Read More

The Pony Express

January 11, 2015Project Management

The tasks involved in being a property consultant and coordinator are many and varied. Last week I felt like the pony express delivering documents in Toowoomba from a solicitor to a surveyor and then back again, for Brisbane clients. The pony express was employed because it often avoids delays saving valuable time (which always includes … Read More

Time to pop the beach towels away….

January 7, 2015Project Management

The new year has began and it’s time to pop the beach towels back into the cupboard as the sleeping giant that is the property world begins to wake from it’s holiday hibernation. It can be very frustrating for the investor wanting to get their investment property sold, rented, or started. The trades and professional … Read More

The Twins are now underway…

September 23, 2014Project Management

The Twins are now underway, it’s like seeing double in the most wonderful way. As we create a new floor plan that will add a bedroom and open plan living/kitchen/dining, these character homes are being up-sized, all within there own four walls. What we do to one, we do to the other. Today the flooring … Read More

“The Twins”, our pigeon pair post war homes.

June 22, 2014Project Management

Introducing “The Twins”, our pigeon pair post war homes. These are about to get up-sized from two to three bedrooms and introduced to the modern world. Wise Unlimited has many people that help a project come together for the ultimate result. A dear friend known as “Pearly” knocked up some incredible bench seat cushions, providing the … Read More