Whose solution is it?

Whose solution is it?

September 21, 2015Project Management

I had an interesting experience the other day that got me thinking about how we, as a society, approach problems (and more importantly how we set about fixing them). Unfortunately, all too often, the second a problem arises we have a tendency to start looking for somebody to blame. It seems to be the default … Read More

Does my bum look good in this?

Does my bum look good in this?

September 14, 2015Project Management

You know the drill – you’re heading out for the night and you’re looking to pick the perfect outfit. But, as us girls know all too well, it’s not as simple as just grabbing the first thing you come across in your wardrobe. Let’s say it’s just a casual evening on the town – you … Read More

Improve or remove?

September 6, 2015Project Management

It’s the age-old question faced by home buyers and investors alike. You have an old, “tired” home in a great location, but it’s desperately in need of a huge face-lift – so, which way should you lean? Undertake a major renovation and give it a new lease of life or knock it down and start … Read More

Does Toowoomba have tall poppy syndrome?

August 30, 2015Project Management

Australia is a very passionate nation. We proudly cheer on our heroes and love seeing them do well. It’s our nature to relish an underdog story – to follow a “rags-to-riches” journey that inspires and warms the heart. We love to see these underdogs become champions and, most times, take delight in their continued successes. … Read More

The three L’s that property purchasers generally love

August 23, 2015Project Management

Understandably, you might be quick to jump to the conclusion that only one “L” matters in the real estate game……and that’s LOWER interest rates. With current borrowing levels sitting at an all-time low, I’ll concede it’s a very enticing stage of the property cycle that we (as buyers) should definitely be taking advantage of. But … Read More

How to buy and profit from a “Mr Darcy”

August 16, 2015Project Management

Proud. Strong. Dignified. Noble. And a little misunderstood. They’re the characteristics I think perfectly sum up the charming (and infamously detached) Mr Darcy from Jane Austen’s classic novel Pride and Prejudice. Here was a man with a perfect nature, but we just didn’t know it at first glance. And, for all his honourable traits, it … Read More

Timelines are they friend or foe?

January 22, 2015Project Management

A timeline is something we set ourselves to achieve an outcome other than the current status quo. When we apply this to property there are a lot of factors that come in to play especially in development or renovation. We may see a property and think after talking to one person that the job can … Read More

Riding the tide

January 20, 2015Project Management

When we purchase our first, second, last etc investment property we are often filled with the potential of the gain we are planning to receive. There may be other things we are filled with too, doubt, confidence, questions, and trepidation. A property development can be likened to the ocean and the client/investor becomes the observer … Read More