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You Want to Buy a Property?

If you are looking to buy a property to live in, or as an investment there’s a lot to understand and be aware of.

It’s not just how to get the money (from your great Finance Broker) or how to set up the purchase (through your great Lawyer).

It’s also making sure you get the best value for your money, and have peace of mind that you bought the perfect property – the property that suits YOU!

Of course you already know you’re capable & can do all that yourself – BUT if you are working or living out of the area, it can be time consuming to find the perfect properties in the best locations.

You end up spending your evenings online looking for opportunities, and preparing to make phone calls for any good deals that come up the next day; and they often get snapped up.

Agents get busy and can’t always get back to you, and sometimes great deals don’t always get to market, because they’re sold ‘off market’ before being advertised at all.



Why utilise a Buyers Agent and a Buyers Advocate?

It can take a lot of time to find out about an area, its suburbs, prices, and demographic make up.

When you find a property you need to investigate it thoroughly with a due diligence process.

As a residential buyer or investor you may be time-poor or live out of the area. Having an experienced set of eyes and ears nearby together with local knowledge can save you a lot of time and stress.  That’s where Buyers Agents and Advocates can help you!

Both Buyers Agents and Advocates normally focus on specific areas, and know them inside out.  They’ll be aware of the good areas, and the ones to avoid.  They’ll know what’s in demand and what’s not.

They’ll usually have good relationships with many of the local Real Estate agents and often be given the opportunity to look at properties for their clients even before the property gets advertised online (called ‘off-market’ properties).

A Buyers Advocate is like a Buyers Agent in some ways but more valuable to you.

A Buyers Advocate is acting completely for you and ONLY for you.  They won’t just offer you properties they see as good deals, they will actually find out exactly what you’re looking for and then go looking specifically for that.

My name is Kathy Wise

I’m a Buyers Advocate, that’s what I do – and MORE..

I don’t just find the deal, I also do all the research and relevant due diligence to make sure it’s a great deal for you.  I negotiate the best deal I can for you too which can often cover my fee and a lot more!

PLUS I give you an outline of any work that I know should or could be done to the property to add value to it.  I can source trades and, if you wish, I can prepare, plan and project manage any renovations on your behalf.

I make finding, buying and renovating property easy and painless for you.

PLUS I love being creative to help your property to stand out for your lifestyle, tenants, new buyers, or to ‘wow’ your friends when they come to visit your new home.

In summary, I’m a Buyers Advocate exclusively focused on buying residential & investment property on the Sunshine Coast. I will find the property you are seeking in the location that you love, with that feeling you have been looking for.

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Book your Dream to Keys Consultation call. You can share all the things you are looking for in a property, and we can uncover the blocks that have prevented you from finding the property you are searching for. Then we’ll create an action plan together for moving forward freely towards finding and buying the slice of real estate heaven you are looking for!

Reducing your risks

I’m looking at hundreds of properties every week, and buying several properties a month for clients.

I’m experienced and knowledgeable in my areas. As a homeowner, property investor and avid renovator myself I have a good eye for a specialised home, a bargain or exceptional investment, I also have a ‘lemon’ sensor which has saved my clients on several occasions.


Reputation is something you just can’t buy – I’m very careful to ensure that my personal and business ethics are unquestionable. 

I can be very direct when necessary and always work on behalf of my clients diligently.  That has earned me the respect of Real Estate agents in the area. My core value of honesty and integrity is something I will not compromise.

How can I help?

I’m your level of protection when buying property, I work for you the buyer and ensure your property purchase is as informed, stress-free, and saves time.

Buying property requires thought, commitment, strength and a considerable amount of joy in the process.

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